About Us

We are a group of independent professionals located in Argentina with an average of 25 years of experience.

Each one of us has a broad track record both at a national and an international level, with experience in highly ranked law firms.

We take care of our clients personally and we share the aim of creating agile, integral and valuable solutions.

What do we offer?

  • Closeness. We have connections in all the country and abroad. We are involved personally in the matters we deal with.
  • Deep understanding of the cases.
  • Knowledge and experience.
  • Professionalism and homogeneous method of working.
  • Specialized teams.

We await your queries and we would be glad to assist you in your business in Argentina.


Practice Areas

Procedimientos Administrativos. Administrative Proceedings

Administrative Proceedings

  • Bidding terms. Representation before administrative authorities. Administrative Proceedings. Complex litigation proceedings.
Negocios Agropecuarios


  • Pools. Trusts. Agricultural agreements. Purchase and sale of real estate.
Defensa de la competencia. Antitrust


  • Advice to companies. Agreements. Administrative and Judicial Proceedings.
Derecho Comercial. Commercial Law

Commercial Law

  • Franchises. Licenses, Insurance. Guarantees. Joint ventures.
Resolución de conflictos y Arbritraje

Conflict resolution and arbitration

  • Negotiation. Out of court proceedings. Arbitration proceedings.
Derecho de consumo

Consumer Law

  • Consumer law. Advice to companies. Agreements and consumer promissory notes. Sanctions and appeals.
Sociedades y Gobierno Corporativo. CORPORATE LAW and Corporate Governance

CORPORATE LAW and Corporate Governance

  • Incorporation of companies. Shareholders agreements. Corporate conflicts. Ethics and compliance.
Aduanero y Comercio Exterior. Customs and Foreign Trade

Customs and Foreign Trade

  • Special regimes, authorizations and permits. Antidumping. Export and import outsourcing. Administrative and judicial proceedings.
Recursos Energéticos. Energy


  • Renewable energy, oil and gas. Mining. Regulatory Framework. Agreements. Bids.
Resolución de conflictos y Arbritraje


  • Legal and tax planning for new business and entrepreneurs. Creative solutions and advice on strategy. Participation in boards and trusts. B Companies and Non profit organizations.
Derecho Ambiental. ENVIRONMENTAL Law


  • Audits, regulatory framework. Proceedings. Permits and certificates. Inspections and training. Administrative and judicial proceedings.
Familia y Planificación de activos. Family and asset planning

Family and asset planning

  • Asset planning and prenuptial agreements. Inheritance, wills, distribution of assets. Protective measures. Divorces and liquidation of assets in common.
Finanzas y Mercado de Capitales. Finance and Capital Markets

Finance and Capital Markets

  • Bank loans, project finance. Bonds, shares, trust securities. Securitizations. Investment funds and other financial products.
Propiedad intelectual

Intellectual property

  • Patents. Trademarks. Registration. Licences. Oppositions, administrative and court proceedings.
Derecho Laboral. Labor Law

Labor Law

  • Labor contracts. Advice to companies, organization of workforce. Proceedings for crisis events. Out of court agreements and court proceedings.
Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers & Aquisitions

  • Legal and tax planning. Audits. Agreements. Shareholders Agreements.
Nuevas Tecnologías. New Technologies.

New Technologies

  • Advice to companies and entrepreneurs. License Agreements. Regulatory framework for new undertakings.
Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios. Real estate developments.

Real estate developments

  • Country clubs, trusts and residential areas. Internal regulations. Proceedings to protect ownership. Construction agreements, purchase and sale of real estate.
Asesoramiento Tributario. Tax


  • Complex tax proceedings. Tax planning. Representation before national and local tax authorities. Sworn statements.
Telecomunicaciones y Medios. Telecommunciations and Media.

Telecommunciations and Media

  • Regulatory framework. Licenses. Agreements. Administrative Proceedings.